Frequently Asked Questions

How much will home inspection the home inspection cost? Inspection fees are Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Taylor, Bastrop, Buda, Kyle, Georgetown, Spicewood, Marble Falls, Oak Hill, Bee Cavesbased on the size, age, location, foundation type and special home inspection amenities of a house of your home. For a free quote, click on the Pricing Schedules button and submit a free quote request. I will home inspection give you a personalized quote as soon as possible.

What's included — or not included — in an inspection? The report begins with the most significant and costly structural home inspection item, the foundation, and ends up at the dryer vent! In between are Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Taylor, Bastrop, Buda, Kyle, Georgetown, Spicewood, Marble Falls, Oak Hill, Bee Cavesgrading and drainage; roof covering, structure & attic; walls, ceilings, floors, doors & windows; fireplace & chimney; porches, decks, carports & attached garages; electrical home inspection , including service entrance, panels & branch circuits; heating, ventilation & air-conditioning systems & ductwork; plumbing, including water supply, waste drains & vents, water heaters & fixtures; and built-in appliances. The report covers over 225 items and conforms to Standards of Practice of the National home inspection Association of Certified Home Inspectors and Texas Real home inspection Estate Commission. Inspection of pools, hot tubs, lawn sprinklers and detached buildings is available for an additional home inspection fee. Texas' Wood Destroying Insect Report (termite report) is a separate inspection that can be done concurrently with the home inspection.

What's not included in an inspection is items outside the Standards of Practice of the Texas Real home inspection Estate Commission, which licenses home inspectors and requires we adhere to a mandated report form. Such items include security systems, water softeners, personal home inspection appliances like refrigerators and laundry equipment, communication and entertainment wiring and equipment, septic systems, and non-structural home inspection items like storm windows, awnings and shutters. Maintenance factors like poor housekeeping, pet odors and the condition of paint, wallpaper, carpet and other finishes are Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Taylor, Bastrop, Buda, Kyle, Georgetown, Spicewood, Marble Falls, Oak Hill, Bee Cavesgenerally not reported unless they suggest a structural home inspection problem — for instance, water stains that might indicate a plumbing leak.

However, if the house is pre-wired with a Brinks security system, a free inspection is available from a certified Brinks security system inspector through my affiliation with the company.

What about mold and other environmental home inspection hazards? I recommend specialists if I find any evidence of mold or other hazards. Environmental home inspection inspection requires highly specialized knowledge, sampling and laboratory testing, and is beyond the scope of a normal home inspection home inspection. But your health is of utmost importance, so I don't hesitate to recommend qualified experts where warranted. Detection of some hazards, like lead and asbestos, requires licensing. Since the $32 million judgment in a homeowner's mold lawsuit in 2001, home inspectors have been deluged with "Mold Is Gold!" mailings offering down-and-dirty training by questionable labs and profiteers. You don't want one of their "grads" trying to diagnose your problem.

Do I need a termite inspection? Do you perform it yourself? I encourage a termite inspection. Wood-destroying insects attack many homes in Central home inspection Texas. Most buyers order a termite inspection, but it ultimately depends on your own comfort level home inspection and the requirements of your mortgage lender. I do not perform termite inspection myself but use a licensed termite inspection company to perform a thorough inspection. Learn more at Termites.

The house I'm interested in has a septic tank? Do you perform septic inspection? If you are Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Taylor, Bastrop, Buda, Kyle, Georgetown, Spicewood, Marble Falls, Oak Hill, Bee Cavesbuying a home with a septic tank, you should consider having it inspected by a professional home inspection septic contractor. Our standard home inspection does not include this type of specialized, "intrusive" inspection. To properly inspect the system, the contractor will home inspection need to dig holes to access the underground parts of the system. This will home inspection include inspecting the tank, as well home inspection as the leach field.

It makes good sense to have the tank pumped at the time of this inspection. A professional home inspection septic contractor can perform both the inspection and pump the tank, killing two birds with one stone and assuring that you begin with an empty tank and a system that has been inspected. Often, you can negotiate with the seller to have them pay for the pumping.

Should I be present at the inspection? If the inspector prefers that you not show up until home inspection he is finished, hang up the phone. It is his job to foster your involvement and educate you on the home's condition, so follow him around during the inspection and don't be afraid to ask questions. I want you there.

How long does a home inspection take? Do you perform it yourself? I personally perform each and every inspection myself. A good inspector will home inspection take at least three hours and usually more to perform a home inspection. I rarely finish in three hours. Larger, older and more problematic properties may take up to six or even seven hours.

When do I get the report? What are Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Taylor, Bastrop, Buda, Kyle, Georgetown, Spicewood, Marble Falls, Oak Hill, Bee Cavesmy payment options? I will home inspection your computer-generated report after I typed it up at the end of the day. You will home inspection get your report on the same day. On-site hand-written report is available upon request. I will home inspection also walk you to a certain part of the house for a point-and-tell home inspection tutorial home inspection . I accept cash, check or money order and is payable at the inspection. I also accept all home inspection major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, however, there's 5.5 surcharge for credit card transaction fees.

Will home inspection my report be shared with my realty agent or anyone else? The report is prepared for you, the home buyer. Report is also sent to your representing agent so that you he/she can bring it to the seller's table to help you negotiate.

How can I be sure you'll home inspection find everything that's wrong with the house? You can't. Though I make every effort to provide a diligent inspection and report all home inspection significant deficiencies, I'm human. I may miss something among the hundreds of items I check. Keep in mind that the intent is not to find the $100 problems — it's to find the $1000 problems that may affect your decision to buy. Also, problems often become apparent only when carpets or plaster are Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Taylor, Bastrop, Buda, Kyle, Georgetown, Spicewood, Marble Falls, Oak Hill, Bee Cavesremoved, fixtures pulled out, and so on. A home inspection is a visual home inspection examination, not invasive or destructive tests. But if any problem with the house arises after my inspection, call home inspection me and I'll home inspection try to check it out within 24 hours.

Is this a good house? Should I buy it? Do not expect your inspector to "bless" the house. The inspector points out deficient items and recommends repair. He doesn't know your budget, comfort level home inspection or maintenance ability. You should discuss your options with your buying agent before you make a commitment.

If the report lists more than one or two defects, should I look for another house? Probably not. Expect the report to list several home inspection structural home inspection and other defects "in need of repair." Even newly built homes have them. Don't be discouraged. My job is to inform you fully about the property's condition, and that's a good thing.

Should I have my newly built home inspected? Yes. Most builders want to deliver a perfect home, but it hasn't happened yet. Builders try to make a profit while battling personnel home inspection and materiel home inspection problems, subcontractors and the weather. Mistakes happen, and a building code inspector checking 15 houses a day won't catch them all home inspection . A good inspector spends hours in the home, not minutes.

Can I call you later with follow-up questions? You may call home inspection me with questions whenever you like. I am home inspectorhere to help educate the consumer and I welcome your call home inspection .

I'm selling my home. Should I have it inspected before putting it on the market? A pre-listing inspection will home inspection identify defects so that you can make repairs to help the home sell home inspection faster and more profitably. Be aware that the Texas Real home inspection Estate Commission requires you to make available to buyers any inspection report completed within the previous two years.